ACCESS Mobile Nursing Review

A Complete NCLEX-RN® Review Course! Lecture Format with Practice Questions and Test Taking Techniques!

Test Taking Techniques, Practice Questions and Content Review - in ONE package

Posted by Janis Wisherop on January 19, 2016 . 0 Comments

As a nursing professor for the past 22 years, I have had the opportunity and privilege to teach and graduate over 1,000 student nurses who have gone on to become the BEST RNs.  Although most were successful in passing their exam the first time, some had to repeat their efforts before achieving the score that earned them their license.  With that, they seek assistance in ensuring a pass by reviewing with one or more products available on the market.

Access Mobile Nursing Review (formerly Review for Nurses) is an exceptional product that offers the NCLEX candidate, first time test taker or repeat test taker, a package that includes EXPERT nurses delivering an incredible wealth of information. 

Where can you attend a review course any time you want, for as long as you want?  Here! through Access Mobile Nursing Review. 

Where can you get test taking techniques that help you "pick apart a question" and answer it correctly? Here! through Access Mobile Nursing Review. 

Where can you review hundreds of practice questions and build the confidence you need to be pass NCLEX? Here! through Access Mobile Nursing Review.

I know excellence in nursing education through years of experience in teaching and testing students.  I know this course offers the new graduate student RN not only the possibility to pass NCLEX, but the probability of that becoming a reality. 

Purchase and download today! 


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