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My NCLEX Story

Posted by Janis Wisherop on January 07, 2015 . 0 Comments

So, here you are - looking at another review course.  I was once in your shoes, although I didn't have this option when I prepared for taking my exam.  I had paid my way through college and was living without any support from my family, leaving me little money for a review course.  I borrowed a review book from a friend and studied it, took the practice tests and hoped for the best!  I was not a great test taker, so I really didn't think I would pass on my first attempt.  

In 1986, personal computers were hardly utilized, in fact if we used one to write papers for our classes, it was considered cheating! There were books and only one live review course.  I could only afford to borrow a used book! Today, you can purchase Access Mobile Nursing Review for close to the price of a review course back in 1986.  If I had this option back then, I would have done what I could to purchase a product I could use online, at any time and at my own pace.  The story ends with .... I did pass, the first time!  And by only a few points.  Back then, the exam was on paper and points were given for correct answers.  I was very fortunate.  

Today you have many options - I hope you will choose these products as they ARE affordable and have been used by others.  My predecessor - Sally Lagerquist, RN MSN - shares these responses:

"I enrolled for the 1 month online review for the NCLEX exam. I just received my test results last week and I am pleased to tell you that I passed! Your lecture review online was really a big help since I am more of a visual learner. Enrolling in your online review was worth the time and money. I will surely inform other colleagues of mine who will be taking the NCLEX soon about your review. Again, it was truly a blessing to have come upon your review at the right moment." 
- Thank you very much. Sincerely, Blossom G.- RN
"I have good news I passed with the minimum number of questions required. And, in large part, giving credit where credit is due, that is a product of your excellent review course. Your products were particularly useful for me- I was very glad I purchased them-especially the Med-Surg. Thank you: instructor, staff and particularly you Sally, for being the best there is in review courses! Please add me to your passing link and include me as a very grateful and satisfied customer. Review for Nurses has more friends in Hawaii than ever! Mahalo Nui Loa!"
-K.C. Chung., RN


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