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NCLEX-RN® Just Around the Corner!

Posted by Janis Wisherop on May 02, 2016 . 0 Comments

Did you know that the very popular "Success" books that students talk about are aligned with Access Mobile Nursing Review? 

The original owner of the videos and e-books offered on this site are from Review for Nurses - created by Sally Lagerquist, RN MS.  Sally and I collaborated on the latest edition of the NCLEX-RN® Success  review book, spending many hours together updating content and questions.  Why go anywhere else?  If you are familiar with the Success books, you know the quality in content and especially the question explanation and answer breakdown.  You can download the equally popular course (and e-books) for a very reasonable cost.  Go at your own pace and have access for as long as you need.  It is our desire for you to pass the state boards whether it is your first time or if you repeat.  I am available to you if you purchase the complete package - just contact me  or via phone (650) 393-4827

Best wishes on the NCLEX-RN® - Graduation and taking your state boards are just around the corner!



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